TouchPad Launch

December 11, 2013

When FNtech called on us to help with the Palm/HP TouchPad launch, we soon found some interesting challenges.

Unlike the tablets of other top providers that we switch screens for, the Palm product did not support a rotated output. Along with switching the high resolution signals, we designed a custom high resolution DVE system to rotate the output and an attractive bevel image, at the exact second the presenter rotated the device (and the signal from the device became ‘wrong’). We used processing to get the signal into a capture card at 1:1 pixels, then used Quartz Composer to rotate on a OSC cue. We then – for fun – created a bridge to send OSC commands from the Barco Encore Controller, to make sure the cueing was as tight as could be.

We also provided Synchromesh players – also triggered from the Encore!

The TouchPad’s OS was awesome. We’re sad it didn’t do better 🙁